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Tips for Attending Your First Gun Show

The second amendment has never been exercised more than it is today. Across the country, Americans are enrolling in gun safety courses, flooding shooting ranges, and working to safely arm themselves for various reasons.

In lieu of this influx, gun enthusiasts alike search for opportunities to gather outside of firearm stores and the range. One of the more popular congregations of firearm owners is gun shows.

The Largo Event Center of Largo, Florida, hosts the 2 Guys Gun Show exclusively.

Here are a few FAQs and etiquette tips that apply exclusively to gun shows.

Gun Show FAQs

Can I Bring My Own Gun? - Yes, absolutely! The coordinators of the gun show you attend fully support concealed carry and, in many cases, open carry. However, be sure that your firearm is unloaded, as any live ammunition you have will be confiscated.

Can I Bring Guns to Sell or Trade? - A gun show provides many opportunities to buy, sell, or trade firearms, so this is a definite yes. However, in conjunction with you bringing a gun of your own you do not plan to sell; anything you’re looking to sell or trade must be unloaded.

Should I Bring Cash? - Always! While several dealers may accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and other forms of payment, smaller organizations commonly prefer cash when purchasing anything from them. Likewise, cash makes for easy entry into the show.

Etiquette at the Gun Show

In addition to those frequently asked questions, a gun show is unlike any other trade show that comes to an event center. With firearms, there are certain rules to follow that apply universally everywhere. They are:

  • Assume all firearms are loaded

  • Never point a gun unless you plan on shooting what you point it at

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until it is time to shoot

  • Know what is around or beyond your target

Now, when it comes to buying a firearm at a gun show, always be prepared to barter; however, be respectful of the seller! Never go too low with your offer, though most gun dealers that have a set price in mind will be fully transparent with you about what they are looking for.

If you are unsure about gun prices, be sure to do your research before you attend as a way to be informed and prepared.

Now Hosting Gun Shows in Florida!

Looking for a location to host your gun show? Consider the Largo Event Center in Largo, Florida! For vendors considering a booth at a show, the Largo Event Center has a main gathering hall of 8,500-square feet, and even an ample enough outdoor space as well.

If you are a gun owner looking to discover when the next gun show will be at the Largo Event Center, visit their website or call (727) 266-4259 today!

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