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An Event Center Boom in the Post-Pandemic World

Diverse live events seemed to be an unstoppable force for many decades leading up to the start of 2020. It appeared to be a pretty safe bet to own and operate an event center of any size within the live events industry.

Then, the Coronavirus swept the world, shutting down every in-person business and prompting strict stay-at-home orders worldwide. Live event centers like Largo Event Center saw profits drop to absolute zero as weddings were postponed, trade shows canceled, and concerts rescheduled.

While the Coronavirus is still around, we have now transitioned into a post-pandemic world. In lieu of this, live events are making a comeback, but how exactly? Will they eventually be held in the same pre-pandemic fashion we all once knew and loved?

A Remote New Normal for Post-Pandemic Event Centers

If you own and operate an event center of any size, you likely realize that the 'new normal' isn't so 'normal' after all. But that doesn't mean that the way live events used to operate will be forever gone. On the contrary, both the old and the new are already being embraced.

First, an increase in virtual participation in live events has gone up. Live streaming different performance events during the pandemic became necessary, and now many patrons prefer it. Even live streaming weddings for relatives unable to travel remains a popular option.

This type of virtualization of live events will only get better as low-latency 5G connectivity improves every year. Event centers must consistently offer this as a service to their customers, as this allows a facility to host way more individuals than in-person capacity limits allows.

Remote Locations for Smaller In-Person Meetings

Larger event centers played host to thousands upon thousands of visitors in pre-pandemic days, often hosting these large gatherings for days. Following a pandemic, many individuals that do not prefer attending virtually may still feel cautious about gathering in large indoor groups yet again.

The solution is smaller, remote locations where smaller groups can gather to attend the event and still be around other human beings. If we learned anything from the pandemic, human interaction is vital to our personal and professional connections. This cannot be lost.

Depending on the event, a large convention center hosting an event may also have remote in-person experiences at smaller event centers, combining both in-person and virtual options. This model will be embraced by those trying to assimilate back into large public gatherings.

The Return of Events in Florida

Live events local to Florida are coming back in droves! What better location to schedule your next in-person event than the Largo Event Center in Largo, Florida?

For patrons that plan to attend in-person, the Largo Event Center has a main gathering hall of 8,500-square feet, smaller classrooms for breakaway meetings, and even a large enough outdoor space for events better held in nature.

Schedule your next event at the Largo Event Center today by visiting their website or calling (727) 266-4259.

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